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Saturday, February 6, 2010

Hello 2010

Hello again! I kept meaning to post last month but never did. We said goodbye to 2009. It had it's hard times, but many blessings. Here are some highlights of 2009. We welcomed our niece Brynlee Alpine into the world on March 17, 2009. We went to South Dakota for Spring Break. We saw Mount Rushmore, Crazy Horse, and the Badlands. We went between blizzards! Gary's team won his work state competition in Galveston in April. In May, our church celebrated 125 years. It was wonderful to see friends and youth teachers, and remember the good old days from the youth group! We moved into our first house in June 2009. I survived sinus surgery shortly after that :-) Gary's team won third place in their National Top Ops work competition in June in San Diego. We celebrated 2 years of marriage August 4th. In August, I had a great time at the Women of Faith Conference in Dallas. I started my 7th year of teaching in August. In September, we went to a Brad Paisley Concert! It was wonderful even though we got rained on. :-) I went on a wonderful Women's Retreat in Glen Rose with my church in October. We had fun camping in October with Jamie, Camron, Lucas, and Gracen. We celebrated a wonderful Thanksgiving at my parent's house, and had Gary's family to our house for our first Thanksgiving in our new home. In December, we enjoyed doing Christmas stuff like picking out our tree at the Christmas tree farm, and looking at lights. We went to Gaylord Ice and saw the Grinch that Stole Christmas Ice sculptures. We loved it! We had a wonderful Christmas at my parent's house with a new family friend Victor. We had Gary's family over Christmas Eve for our first Christmas in our new house, and went to the Christmas Eve service at church. It snowed on Christmas Eve in Texas! It was so exciting and beautiful to have a White Christmas! The end of 2009 brought wonderful news of expecting 2 more nieces or nephews! Can't wait until they get here! Ready for the blessings of 2010!

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