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Thursday, December 30, 2010

Christmas Classroom happenings

My class had so much fun at Christmas! We made this Grinch Village for our classroom. We rode the Polar Express in our P.J.'s. at the Stockyards. Then we came back to school ate lunch, watched the movie, and had hot chocolate.

Here are some recent quotes from my kids:
me: in sunglass at recess
Student: Your pimping Mrs. Morris
I was indeed NOT pimping ;-)

Student: (innocently) Mrs. Morris what is gay apparel?
Me: It is happy, cheerful clothes. Christmas clothes.
Me: (next day wearing a Christmas shirt)
Student: Your wearing gay apparel Mrs. Morris!
Student: proceeds to tell other teachers in the building they are wearing gay apparel!

They are a lot of fun and work too ;-) It is back to reality soon!

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