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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Dear Nana

My dear Nana passed away on July 12, 2010. She was 82 years old. She was born on April 8, 1928. She will be missed and is loved by her family. I respect the work ethic she had. She was a very good teacher and had an outstanding reputation as an educator. Her co-workers had so much respect for her. I enjoyed the way she played with us as kids and she was not afraid to act silly like some adults. I remember she would sing a silly song with our names in it when we were kids. I remember the way she would smile when she saw her great grandkids, even though she was struggling with depression at the time. I hate it that she struggled with depression so much in her later years. I know that she is glad to be with Grandaddy now and in a better place. Here is a poem she wrote after Grandaddy died in 2004.

Many Thanks and Memories
by Lilymae Noble

My dog, Honey
just sits there and stares.
Waiting where Jack should be.
So she can lay her head
upon his warm knee.

Jamie spent the night with me.
When Grandaddy was very sick.
She cleaned my master bathroom.
Camron installed a toilet
And new faucets that won't drip.
In the kitchen He put in
a new disposal
that takes away the grit.
Jennifer took me out to lunch
And to a funny, funny show.
This helped to erase
some of my tears and lows.

Mike's painting my house, outside
with pretty shades of pink.
He's fixing all the gadgets and the lights.
Flowers in the yard, is a beautiful sight.
He and Jay put up new garage doors.
This makes the house
look glamorous, even more.

Brittani drew.
Rochelle painted my bathroom
with a birdhouse on the wall.
Topped it off with a flower
and a shower curtain
to match it all.

Now Suzanne orders my medicine
From the Indian store.
With Suzanne's help
I haven't as much pain anymore.

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