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Thursday, July 8, 2010

Library and Petting Zoo!

Yes, Library and Petting Zoo go together. I took Brynlee to the Crowley Library when I was babysitting her on Wednesday. They had a petting zoo outside! We waited in line, and she did very good waiting . When we got close to the animals she started laughing. When we got in she wasn't so sure and as you can see she would not let me put her down! She wouldn't pet the animals or have anything to do with them! Oh, well. We will turn her into an animal lover eventually :-)

Then we went in the library to cool off. She played for a while...

and we got some reading time in...

Then we went home and had raviolis for lunch..yum. Brynlee had trouble staying awake during lunch! I was afraid she was going to lay her head down in the raviolis! Then she had a 2 hour nap! She needed her rest after a big day! Aunt Jennifer and Brynlee had a great day! I love summer time and getting to see Brynlee, Lucas, and Gracen more!

1 comment:

  1. Sounds like you and Brynlee had a wonderful day! Your such a GREAT Aunt!